Duende B100 dancers

For over 20 years Pablo has been choreographing, branding,  staging and developing recording artists, actors and models. ‘making dance moves is only a fraction of what a choreographer does, they have to know how to conceptualize,  design the stage and create a treatment to execute’ says Malco. It is no mystery why he is called by major brands from all over the world to ‘conceptualize’ as he says it.  Pablo has a knack for creating fresh and new with just a bit of recognizable trends. What makes his work special is the influence of his vast travels and nomadic childhood. You can find several different disciplines and a variety of cultural influences in a lot of his work,  but done to perfection to entertain the vast majority of children and grandparents from all walks of life. He has earned the name the Pfuzionist by fellow industry peers, deriving from his dance company’s name Pfuzion Dance Theatre.