pablo picPablo has produced over 70 original shows in 4 countries and continues producing several shows annually.  As a producer he has created, written, designed, managed and directed several productions to date in the areas of dance, music and theatrics. In 1997 Malco premiered his first original script called ’15 Emotions’ A musical theater production that dealt with class and race issues. It was the first of it’s kind and inspired several movies and productions to follow. Pablo is also responsible for the World Renowned Choreographers’ Ball in which he first premiered in 2001 as a hip hop dance showcase showcasing several professional hip hop groups from South & North Florida. The Choreographers Ball is now a world popular showcase with appearances in Chicago, Illinois, Atlanta, Georgia, Tokyo, Japan and more. He would go on to create the popular ‘Performing Arts Politics’  ‘P.A.P.’ which is considered to be one of his best works today. P.A.P. is a  comedic and spot reality story about the politics in performing arts and all the trials the performers must go through to land a job in a big city. Many say they see the parallels in P.A.P and the famous Chorus Line but P.A.P. is a very modern day version of the industry in the 21th century. Malco admits the Chorus line is one of his favorite productions of all time. Presently Pablo is working with several choreographers, writers and directors to present new productions beginning late in the first quarter of 2017 through out the entire year stay tuned to our website for your chance to be in a major production with a world class producer