At an early age teachers, friends and family took notice of Pablo’s way of connecting words, telling stories and touching others through words. He has been featured in several  publications, artists records and commercials as a writer and at times as a voice.

Malco took his writing one step further when he decided to write a stage play, he noticed there was very little Broadway type performances that spoke to pop culture and modern day topics. He set out to tell the story of a young performing artist (african american)  that faced large amounts of adversity based on his choices. Many frowned upon his choice to date a woman outside of his race as he was a pioneer in the hip hop dance community. Struggling to stray away from the norm of booty popping and meaningless music. Pablo worked hard to take his hip hop styled dance to a more positive light and developing a structured system for instruction. Trying to stray away from the derogatory commercial music and stereotypes of young males from similar neighborhoods, he took lots for flack for not keeping it real. This show was called ’15 Emotions’ and was written in 1996. after a few runs in several major theaters Pablo took a break and began hosting more dance related events, creating the Hip Hop Symphony, The Choreographers Ball, Mic Check, Poetic Justice and many more.

In the early 2000’s Malco returned to Musical Theater with an original stage play called ‘My Life un Ed did Tid’ a solo performance that got so much great attention and great reviews that he took that inspiration to write one of his most recognized production today, P.A.P – Performing Arts Politics. P.A.P. is a modern day ‘Chorus Line’ very inspired by one of his favorite movies he wanted to give a look at what it is like in the performing arts arena in a more modern day style. P.A.P. (learn more) This show is still active and traveling throughout Florida and near by states.

Keep an eye out for Pablo’s work he has a real good eye on shedding some light on serious matters in a way that makes you smile and laugh out loud. You can also here some of his poetry and music here.